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Vegetarian Resources

The Lowfat Vegetarian Archive, including recipes and links to vegetarian and nutrition information. You can join their mailing list from this page.
CNN Food Central - Veggie Recipes on the Web
A collection of vegetarian recipe resources assembled by the folks at
Mushroom Council Recipes
A collection of recipes, including many vegetarian recipes, from the Mushroom Council. Mushrooms are a great source of protein!
Ostrom's Mushrooms
A leading mushroom producer in the Pacific Northwest. The site contains tons of mushroom recipes and nutrition information for several mushroom varieties.
Vegsource - Your friendly vegetarian resource!
VegSource contains recipes, discussion groups, a mailing list, and several expert and celebrity writers' columns or sites.
Mollie Katzen Online
Web site of Mollie Katzen, famous for the original Moosewood Cookbook, Enchanted Broccoli Forest, etc. Lots of recipes!

Other Recipe Resources

Cooking features low-fat recipes from Cooking Light magazine. You can also search recipes from sister magazines Southern Living and Progressive Farmer.
Canyon Ranch Spa
Selected recipes from Canyon Ranch Spa. Recipes are low-fat and low-calorie.
Epicurious has a large, easily searchable database of recipes, which tend toward the fancy. The site includes recipes and articles from Bon Appétit and Gourmet magazines. Food Page
This page appeals to those with small children - not only do they have recipes for foods that kids will eat, they have recipes for dishes that kids can help make! There are also great holiday specials with traditional foods, like yams with marshmallows at Thanksgiving.
Food and Wine Online
This is the online version of Food & Wine magazine. I personally think they could focus more on food and less on wine, but then, the wine I usually buy is $8 a bottle.
iVillage Recipe Finder
This used to be Homearts, and then, which had a great collection of traditional and not-so-traditional recipes.
I Love Pasta - National Pasta Association
I Love Pasta has a good collection of basic pasta recipes, a large number of them vegetarian or adaptable for vegetarians. They also have a pictorial guide to different shapes of pasta and their names.
Meals For You
Meals For You has a fairly typical collection of recipes, with emphasis on nutritional information. For example, you can search recipes by number of fat grams.
Arielle's Recipe Archive
This is an archive of recipes from the newsgroup, plus other similar newsgroups. Keep in mind that these are recipes that anyone in the whole world could have posted - so they can be spectacular creations or spectacular failures.
Salmon Recipes
Wondering what to do with that 20-pound salmon you caught? Wonder no more. This site has recipes for any kind of salmon dish you can imagine, as well as links to further salmon and fish resources.
SOAR Searchable Online Archive of Recipes
The SOAR archive has it all. Any recipe you're looking for, you will find it here.
Star Chefs
A collection of celebrity chefs' recipes and cookbooks.
Stonyfield Farms Yogurt Recipes
A bunch of recipes featuring yogurt. This is a great resource if you're trying to get more calcium, or trying to cut out high fat ingredients like mayonnaise and sour cream.
The Kitchen Link
The Kitchen Link has a vast collection of kitchen tools, gadgets, and furniture for sale.
Gourmet Spot
A directory of links about food and drink, including different types of food and recipes, beverages, kitchen equipment, and even recipe software. There is also a section for various contests you can enter.
The Internet Epicurean
An e-zine devoted to food and recipes. There are food related links, a chef's bulletin board, featured articles on cooking-related subjects, and a recipe exchange area. has a great recipe search engine. It allows you to compare recipes, create a shopping list, and displays detailed nutrition information. It also reviews cookbooks and sells kitchen gear., the Recipe Network
Features recipes every day in each of their categories (including vegetarian). The recipes can be converted to metric measurements, or printed out on regular paper or formatted for index cards. All recipes are contributed by users like you!
The Food Network
This is the companion Web site to the Food Network on TV. If you're a FoodTV fan, you can find a recipe you've seen prepared on a show, or read the opinions of the so-called experts. The one about drinking Rolling Rock with caviar was too much for me...
Thai Food Recipes
This is a collection of Thai recipes as collected from a native Thai cook. There is a huge variety here, with American-style measurements. Great resource!
Sells high-quality saffron and vanilla beans.